White Collar Crime

Gravitas Legal excels in conducting investigations across various industry sectors and organizational hierarchies. We are deeply engaged in forensic audits and investigations, collaborating with experienced external forensic and cross-disciplinary experts to offer optimal representation to our clients.

With a track record of working on cases related to corruption, bribery, white-collar crime, anti-trust issues, employee fraud and embezzlement, vendor fraud, management fraud, and intellectual property theft, among others, we possess both a profound understanding of the field and the skills required to deliver effective, regulation-specific advice. Our involvement spans the entire lifecycle of an investigation, encompassing exhaustive processes such as evidence preservation, forensic review of transactions, legal examination of electronically stored information (ESI review), and interviews. We conduct internal investigations, provide litigation and arbitration support, handle anti-trust investigations, and carry out due diligence regarding risks in commercial transactions.

Our support extends to assisting clients in developing both preventive and responsive strategies. This includes drafting and implementing anti-corruption compliance policies as part of a proactive strategy, as well as conducting internal investigations and initiating proceedings at various forums in response to corruption, fraud, and money laundering-related issues.


Varij Sharma

Partner | New Delhi

Juhi Khana

Senior Associate | New Delhi

Deeksha Agrawal

Associate | New Delhi