Dispute Resolution & ADR

With a distinguished team of attorneys advocating before the Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, National Commissions, and other legal forums, including arbitral tribunals, Gravitas Legal has consistently evolved to become a prominent provider of litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services across diverse industry sectors. Armed with profound knowledge in technical, commercial, financial, economic, and legal matters, we address the expanding needs of our clientele with tailored and flexible solutions.

Our representation spans a variety of areas, encompassing commercial disputes and claims, matters involving the Negotiable Instruments Act, Intellectual Property Rights Infringement and Protection, Franchise-related issues, Insurance and personal injury claims, enforcement of decrees (including foreign decrees), insolvency and corporate litigation, consumer and medico-legal cases. With partners on the panel of the Government of NCT of Delhi and DDA, we possess extensive experience in handling revenue, land acquisition, injunction, and other property-related matters. In criminal law, we handle diverse cases, including bail matters, criminal trials, quashing petitions, and representation before investigating authorities.

In the realm of alternative dispute resolution, our firm holds substantial expertise, covering pre-litigation advisory, drafting commercial agreements, petitions under Section 9 and 11 of the Arbitration Act before High Courts and the Supreme Court, proceedings before arbitral tribunals, enforcement and setting aside of domestic and foreign awards, and international arbitration. We have successfully represented government bodies before arbitral tribunals and courts concerning construction and concession agreements. Our attorneys adeptly resolve disputes through mediation, adjudication, or expert determination.

Gravitas Legal caters to a broad domestic and international clientele, comprising companies, international and national development agencies, governments, and individuals. Proactively anticipating future client needs, the firm has strategically focused on developing expertise in areas such as the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. Our team has effectively represented various stakeholders in Insolvency and Bankruptcy matters, showcasing our commitment to staying at the forefront of evolving legal landscapes.


Rajeev Aggarwal

Partner | New Delhi

Rahul Gaikwad

Partner | Mumbai

Ankit Gupta

Principal Associate | New Delhi

Prateek Badhwar

Principal Associate | New Delhi

Shaguftha Hameed

Principal Associate | New Delhi

Nikita Abhyankar

Senior Associate | Mumbai

Aman Jhawar

Associate | Mumbai

Vaishnavi Mudras

Associate | Mumbai

Manbhar Mittal

Senior Associate | New Delhi

Samridhi Vats

Associate | New Delhi