Banking & Finance

In response to the rise of digital banking and increased regulatory focus on optimizing income streams for financial institutions, our team remains vigilant, staying informed about these changes. We have developed functional expertise in tailoring standardized documents for individual and retail portfolios for each bank, housing finance entity, and non-banking financial company. Our goal is to provide customized compliance checklists for each type of transaction, ensuring that internal systems operate seamlessly. Our objective is not only to simplify and transparently deliver compliances but also to minimize audit-related risks for each category of borrower.

In the specialized and diverse realm of Project Finance, Gravitas Legal is a recognized leader. Over time, we have navigated a broad spectrum of issues related to project conception, regulatory evolution, statutory compliance, and insolvency. Our documentation for each project's financing is crafted to address project-specific aspects and the regulatory landscape applicable to the sector. Drawing on our extensive experience in some of the country's largest projects, our documentation reflects key regulatory stipulations and is structured to accommodate transaction and sector-specific requirements.

Beyond regular bilateral and multilateral financing transactions, we have actively participated in unique and unconventional deals such as the 5/25 flexible structuring scheme, takeout finance, refinance, S4A, OSDR, and SDR. Lenders and borrowers alike have sought our expertise on a wide range of funding-related transactions, including debt restructuring, hybrid facilities, promoter funding, external commercial borrowings, acquisition finance, and recapitalizations.

Our multidisciplinary approach, coupled with substantial experience in project development and financing, allows us to provide insightful advice on tax, regulatory matters, real estate, capital markets, and the structuring of asset disposal and monetization within applicable statutory and regulatory frameworks. Our diverse client base includes leading project developers, borrowers, public and private sector banks, financial institutions, multinationals, and non-banking financial companies. Embracing a systemized, practical, collaborative, and action-oriented approach, we have frequently stationed our resources at our clients' offices, providing a single-window system for the seamless delivery of our services.


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