Gravitas Legal is a partnership firm under the Indian laws and the partners have been admitted on the rolls of relevant State Bar Councils

Gravitas Legal, founded in fiscal year 2015-16, is a law firm that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our name, transliterated literally, means law firm of substance. Our name represents our ethos to continuously excel in our endeavour to provide advice of substance and material value that makes a difference to our clients’ businesses.

Our Aspiration

To be viewed as a technologically advanced, technically sound and innovative law firm that prioritizes efficiency and quality in client service and provides a platform for the best practitioners to collect under one umbrella in our endeavour to become the preferred law firm.

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Banking and Finance

Our banking and finance practice is highly regarded among banks, financial institutions and project developers. We advise clients on project finance (particularly renewable and non-renewable power projects), structured finance and bank lending transactions. Whether assisting government bodies for taking over hostile entities vide financial instruments, streamlining the documentation process across multiple branches of a bank or retainer services to financial institution to strengthen their compliance process, our lawyers have experience of untangling and managing the most complex and tedious assignments of banks and financial institutions.

Our lawyers have advised banks in relation to implementation of the 5:25 finance scheme and other far-reaching regulatory developments. We have also assisted clients in restructuring of debts, merger of distinct project facilities and recovery process. Our practitioners have extensive experience in documentation for lending transactions and due-diligence to ascertain legal risks and state of compliance. Our practitioners have been involved in a variety of financing documentation (for highways & road projects, power projects and other infrastructure projects) including term loan facility agreements, working capital loan documents, guarantee contracts, overseas borrowings agreements and other finance related contractual arrangements. Our lawyers have won several accolades, and international league tables for project finance have recognized their prowess year-on-year.

Our lawyers have advised on regulatory regime for entry of foreign banks, compliance norms, aligning the international banking practices with the Indian law, payment and settlement mechanism, regularizing internal monetary systems of corporates and warning systems for corporates operating on the borderline of financial services sector.

We have assisted clients in choosing the best financial product for raising funds including convertible financial instruments, structured funding tools to reconcile objectives of the involved parties, tackled aspects relating to multiple leveraging, devised best means to raise bridge finance, conceptualized mechanism to balance interests of senior lenders and mezzanine financiers, advised on roll-over of guarantees and letter of credit, drafted and reviewed documentation relating to export credit and trade finance including buyer's credit facilities.


On the project development side, we have advised both the owners and developers in conceptualization of contractual framework, risk allocation and regulatory issues. We have drafted and reviewed power purchase agreements, concession agreements, EPC contracts, O&M contracts, off-take agreements, interface agreements, direct agreements and sponsor support agreements. Our lawyers have advised on manufacture and supply of locomotive and wagons, procurement of private charter aircrafts including registration process and purchase and sale of transmission related assets. Our lawyers are known for their understanding of international practices and standards laid down by organizations such as Fl DIC, ICC, EiC, AACE and providing the right blend of suchstandards/norms with Indian law in the contract formation process.

We have advised developers in understanding judicial approach to cost overrun and time-overrun issues and insulating funding prospects, factors relevant for enhancement of tariff, regulatory approvals required at different stages of project, purchase of real estate including issues in relation to rehabilitation and resettlement. We are best known for our services to power producers (both renewable and non-renewable) including in relation to captive power projects, distribution licencees and transmission licencees.

The Firm advises on continuum of peripheral issues such as loss of profit, force majeure, product liability & product recall, consequential losses, indemnity, management of insurance requirements and claims relating to distinct liabilities, matters relating to root cause analysis and nature and extent of burden of proof for diverse obligations. We have represented our clients before various regulatory fora and assisted them in claims handling and other risk mitigation processes.

Our practitioners have advised government companies in procurement related process from drafting of bid documents & supply contracts, negotiation with vendors, Constitutional framework governing such contracts, guidelines issued by relevant Government departments and intellectual property related aspects.

General Corporate Advisory

The Firm has advised several entrepreneurial and well established corporates on structuring of corporate vehicles, company incorporations, investments, acquisitions and transfers. Apart from this, we also specialize in incubating businesses in the early stages of their set-up. We believe in associating as deeply as possible with our clients to understand their business functioning such that we are able to furnish advice that is most relevant to the business objectives of our clients and to that end have successfully managed our clients' day- to-day legal issues.

We have assisted general counsels in conducting legal audit including on secretarial matters. One of our key strength is streamlining internal processes of clients (including through techno­legal solutions) in order to ensure that proper risk management systems are in place as the in­house legal counsel is the first and most critical interface in the risk management process.

Our clients have always considered us the first port of call whenever a bill is introduced in the legislature on any subject whether from the recent real estate and bankruptcy related laws to the law relating to companies. We have advised clients on the revisions required to their internal compliance mechanism and impact on their past and future contractual arrangements keeping in mind the intent and reach of the new/purposed legislation.

We, at Gravitas Legal, provide a broad range of legal services relatable to each business including in relation to corporate law, securities law, foreign exchange laws/regulations and employment laws. Our services also include conducting legal due diligence, drafting and negotiating contracts as well as post transactional compliance and monitoring. Our practitioners have also assisted clients with court administered mergers.

Our lawyers have advised individuals on legal aspects governing private wealth management, mediated for resolving family disputes, assisted institutionalization of promoter controlled entities and structured promoter funding.

Mergers & Acquistions

Our M&A practice strives towards convergence of spatial dimension and legal dimension and at the same time elimination of lethal by-product of experience: the dogmatic approach. M&A requires synthesis of character and objectives, and we believe that a concept note setting out in detail the pre & post-merger activities holds the key to success, and we spend substantial time in devising the road map that is capable of manifesting ides & objectives into action. You voice the vision, and we deliver such as:

  • Mergers for obtaining benefits under fiscal laws.
  • Transfer of properties under scheme to mitigate financial implications
  • Closely held public ltd co. merging with private co. to avail privileges available to latter
  • Merger of investment companies to consolidate portfolio
  • Merger of subsidiary companies with holding companies
  • Mergers, say for, diversification of business and separation of cost and profit centers
  • Vertical or lateral mergers depending on the business needs.

Our clients have been appreciative of our support right at the terms sheet stage which allows the client to identify and address most of the legal concern at the very inception. We go from strength to strength with our client right from the engagement. Therefore, you can rely on us for any of the following:

  • Advise during the pre-term sheet stage particularly for identifying red-flag items
  • Our due diligence exercise that apart from highlighting the current legal risks (and consequent implications) also indicates the course of action for attaining the pre-defined objectives including the corrective measures (both critical and non-critical).
  • Preparation of requisite terms sheet, definitive agreements such as share purchase agreement &shareholders agreement, preparation of necessary corporate authorizations, compliance certificates, declarations, public notices etc.
  • Transactional advisory including on aspects of the Companies Act, the Takeover Code, Foreign Exchange Management Act etc.
  • Managing negotiations and updating database of documents with timeline trackers
  • Assistance in making the requisite regulatory filings including liaising with the relevant governmental authorities such as Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Reserve Bank of India, Securities and Exchange Bureau of India along
  • With any sector specific compliances;
  • Execution of the relevant documentation with due tracking of the conditions precedent and helping the client in completing all conditions subsequent to execution with an objective to achieve closure of the transaction.

You can be rest assured that we will lay a solid foundation for a successful M&A activity.

Real Estate

Our lawyers have been involved in transactions relating to development, leasing, sale-purchase to atypical matters relating to indirect investment in property including share and unit trust sales and acquisitions and joint venture arrangements. We have advised lenders, property investment funds, real estate companies, private equity houses and corporates.

Due to our extensive experience in rendition of legal services in connection with implementation of infrastructure projects across various states, we are known for our understanding of local laws/enactments (and the practices adopted across various states) and our advice on property due diligence (entailing mapping of chain of title, encumbrance search, land contiguity assessment based on examination of maps, land use conversion procedure, pre and post construction clearances etc.). Technology for updating data base helps us keep pace with the changes in laws (including the rates) relating to stamping and registration of documents.

Real estate practice requires close co-ordination with local resources, and based on our long standing association with lawyers across several states in India (majority of them are on the panel of leading banks/financial institutions), we are capable of delivering results with respect to transactions entailing acquisition of real estate across different states. Real estate laws are closely linked to various other laws, and we can seamlessly constitute cross-disciplinary teams if necessitated by the transaction matrix. Accordingly, we are capable of advising clients operating in the real estate sector on legal aspects relating to innovative business growth models such as data mining projects, leveraging of existing property such as through condo of signage units etc.

Our lawyers are capable of devising innovative solutions to extrapolate and recognize within the Indian framework (to the extent permissible and practical) some of the concepts prevalent outside India such as remote bankruptcy vehicle for holding real estate and data protection of potential buyers/tenants.

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